Foundation Repair

  • Is your home settling, does it need to be shored?
  • Are your doors sticking?
  • Do you have cracks in your walls and/or floors?

If you answered yes to these questions, we can help.

CIG, LLC specializes in correcting problems caused by shifting foundations that cause your house to become unstable. These types of settlement problems are very common, especially in Louisiana. Settling and shifting can cause unsightly damage to your home. This damage can affect the living conditions and resale value of your home.

At CIG, LLC, we can specify the necessary methods to correct these common problems and make sure that your house is stable for life.

Warning Signs

Interior Walls – Cracked sheetrock, wrinkled wallpaper and gaps between the walls and molding can be signs that there are problems with the foundation.

Doors – If your doors have cracks at the corners of their frames or swing or stick when opening and closing, it is usually due to foundation problems.

Windows – Sticking or binding sashes can be caused by stress distorting the window frame. Broken panes can also be caused by foundation related stress. If the frame is distorted, cracks will appear at the corners of the wall around it.

Floors – Uneven or sloping floors, sliding furniture or dips in the floor could be attributed to foundation problems. Squeaky floor boards may also be caused by foundation problems; however, that is not always the case.

Exterior Bricks – Flexing of the slab can cause broken bricks and cracks in the mortar. As the bricks shift, gaps also appear in the fascia boards.

Foundation – Shrinking or swelling of the soil underneath the foundation can cause cracks in the slab.

Patios and Porches – Cracking or sloped floors are often signs of problems with the foundation.